Two Incomes to One: A Complete Guide by Rachel Fairchild

Two Incomes to One: A Complete Guide

A step by step guide on going from two incomes to one without being constantly stressed about money! 

Think it's impossible to live on one income?

I know you've felt this before. You have this overwhelming need to stay home with your kid, to go back to school, or even to start a business.

But in the end it all comes down to money and there just isn't enough.

I'm here to tell you, you probably DO have enough. You just need to use it in the right ways!

This course will take you step by step on making a solid plan to go from two incomes to one so you can live the life you dream of. 

How will you make this happen?

1. Identify how much you are spending and where you are spending it 
2. Create a bottom dollar budget 
3. Get your expenses down below the income you need 
4. Stay home with your babies, go back to school, start a business... the opportunities are limitless when you are determined to make it work! 

I've been in your shoes.

You have no idea where your money goes maybe you scrape by or maybe not. 

Money management is not a thing you excel at, even though you try from time to time. 

You have all these hopes and dreams but everyone says it's just not possible. YOU say it's not possible. You don't make enough. 

It kills you inside but you just go back to your 9 to five and keep grinding. 

You keep grinding making some one else's dreams come true instead of yours! 

I'm here to tell you it is possible. 

You do not have to make a lot of money to stay home. In fact we lived on $1900 a month after we went through the exact steps I give you in this course. 

You are going to become confident in your money management. 

You are going to pay off debt. 

You are going to make your dreams happen! 

What's in the class?

- Video and text lessons 
- How to save money in big ways 
- How to work with your spouse and stay on the same page 
- How to stay motivated 
- Creating your own plan and a goal date 
- Creating a budget that is right for your family not just a template that you 'should' fit in 
- A workbook take you along every step of the way and keep you on task

PLUS you get access forever even when we update the course. 

Make your dreams happen faster.

Yes, you absolutely could just try to manage your money better and do this on your own.

But how much precious time are you going to waste?

With this course we ensure you DON'T jump to soon and end up miserable because you don't have enough money each month.

I give you my personal tips for staying motivated that worked for us.

This entire plan is exactly how we ended up paying off over $60,000 in debt in two years (that was half of our income). 

What does NOT matter for this course.

It does NOT matter how much money you make. 

It does NOT matter how much debt you have. 

It does NOT matter where you live. 

It does NOT matter if you know how to budget or not.

The most important thing to have is a solid goal, and guess what I help you with that! 


Is this time consuming? I'm busy!

NO. Creating your original plan takes some time. But afterwards you shouldn't have to attribute anymore than 5 minutes a day, then once a month you'll have to make a new budget. This is perfect for busy people just wanting to get stuff done! 

Seriously I make barely enough to get by, can I do this?

YES. I've been there. As long as you are determined this absolutely can work for you. 

How long will it take to go to one income?

This is different for everyone! The beauty of the plan we create is that it can go as fast or as slow as you are committed for it to go. We use tools that will tell you exactly how long it will take with your current budget. 

What's included?


2 mins
102 KB
Create Your Plan
Lesson one: How much are you spending
Lesson two: Tips on how to lower your spending
Lesson three: Creating your budget and finding your goal number
Lesson four: Bottom Dollar Budget
14 mins
Lesson Five: Reasonable Budget
5 mins
How to use the workbook
11 mins
Lesson six: Finding your goal date
Lesson seven: Tips for staying on track and motivation
Monthly to do's and Adjusting
Monthly to-dos and when to adjust