Food Budget Overhaul by Rachel Fairchild

Food Budget Overhaul

Drastically cut your grocery budget without eating like crap. 


Is your grocery spending a little over the top? Do you find yourself stressed because on top of spending too much you always are wondering what you should make for dinner. Or more often you just give up and go out to eat. 

Food Budget Overhaul is designed to give you the tools you need to create your own meal plans, keep you motivated, and save you time so that you can save money right now. 

Saving money on food can be easy. If you know what you are doing. 


Put together your own meal plan that you can actually make happen. ​


Have extra cash in your pocket and extra time to spend doing what you actually what to do. ​


Learn exactly how to prep and set up your kitchen to be budget friendly in a flash. ​


Use all my money saving strategies to save money fast without worrying about clipping coupons for days.

What do the students think?

By following the guidelines the course has in place I have been less stressed on what’s for dinner and more prepared for grocery shopping! Plus I've saved hundreds at the grocery store. I love how organized she gets with this!
Rebecca, Food Budget Overhual Student

What can this class do for you?

Maybe you've felt like this before. 

You look up recipes and try to make a plan to save money on food. 

But inevitably you end up with a bunch of food going bad and nothing to eat. Plus to add insult to injury you've spent way more money than you thought you would. 

Then you spend even more money eating out because you all have to eat. 

It was a complete failure. 

Saving money on food is so easy and so fast when you know what to do in the first place. But finding a system that saves you time and money is HARD. 

I know because I've been working on it for years. I've failed plenty of times. Enough times to create this whole course to help you succeed. 

This is the exact method that I used to take our grocery budget from $800 a month to $400. 

It helped us turn around our finances and pay off $32000 in debt in one year.

It helped me let go of all the stress of trying to make dinners on the fly. 


You can absolutely save money without this class. 

But here is the thing. 

This class will help you save more money than you can on your own, save it faster, and save you time.

If you only save $20 a week ( I totally think you can do more), you would save $80 a month.

That's $960 a year!

 What could you do with an extra $1000 a year? 


So why should you trust me? Why should you learn my way of saving money on groceries over all the free stuff out there? 

I have used these tried and true methods throughout my life in many different situations to save some serious money and get our finances back in order. 

As a student when my husband lost his full time job. 

When we decided to pay off our debt (we are almost debt free now!) 

As a new stay at home mom when we were struggling to live on $1900 a month.

Every time we had to recommit to living on less I learned more and I got better at it. 

Those years of learning I've put together in this class just for you. 

I am passionate about showing people how to live within their means to achieve the life they want. 

What's included?


A note from me!
2 mins
Preparing to Meal Plan Effectively
Food Budget Overhaul Workbook
57 KB
One month meal plan
Budgeting for groceries
Taking stock of your pantry
Creating a Price Sheet
7 mins
Finding cost effective recipes
Budget Kitchen Basics
Meal Planning 101
Meal Planning Strategically (Trello Meal Plan)
11 mins
Back Up Meals
Speeding up preparing, and cooking!
Batch Cooking
Cooking from scratch
The ultimate guide to freezer meal prep
Frozen Meal Prep Guide
222 KB
Useful Kitchen Tools
Money Saving Strategies
Getting your mind in the right mode
Stocking up
Bargain Shops
Credit Cards and Cash envelopes
No Spend Weeks
Saving money with food allergies
Additional Resources
Continue Learning